Overall the Mohanlal movie Odiyan is disappointing. One point can give for photography and all the other efforts deserve one more point.


Odiyan rating: It’s should be 2 out of 5

Mohanlal performance is overall is Ok. But movie throughout is slow that lacks the punch. Prakash Raj looks like overacting in many sections, even Manju Warrier can’t do much on the silver screen as part of the Odiyan.  

Mohanlal, more or less, keeps Ok in the movie. After the weight loss, he looks fits into his role Odiyan Manikyan. The filmmaker made a frame and he performs within the box. A wide platform is not there to show his real talents.

As their marketing strategy, director Shrikumar Menon had claimed lots, but the expectation was high and the result was very less.

An important point is to notice in the execution part is the movie made the same style of an ad film. The thought process is that that is the reason for the failure.

Odiyan casting: Mohanlal, Manju Warrier, Prakash Raj.

Odiyan movie director: VA Shrikumar Menon

Every film gives a message to the society. What is Shrikumar saying through Odiyan? We can’t find a message to its audience. Or just a bedtime story to sleep? The movie should have clear a statement that the Odiyan is a myth or it’s a special person who had lived once upon a time!    

A film director could, at least, be able to define what his movie is all about.

Ad maker VA Shrikumar Menon pegged Odiyan as Kerala’s first superhero film and I am unable to see how he arrived at that conclusion.

The myth around now-extinct Odiyan kindred is frightful. The members of the Odiyan community were believed to possess practiced black magic and performed human sacrifices to realize superpowers that allowed them to rework into animals. The irrational lore is shrouded in mystery and tales of horror.

When Shrikumar aforesaid he has created a superhero picture supported a necromancer, WHO panic-stricken folks for cash, I used to be excited by the thought. I used to be wanting forward to seeing however he and author Harikrishnan have reimagined a fearsome supernatural assassin as a superhero.  And to prime it all, the filmmakers have turned Odiyan into a hero-worshiping exercise.

Odiyan opens in Varanasi, wherever Manikyan, currently in his early 50s, has become a sage. His hair has big long, and his mustache and beard are bushy enough for a bird to get nest in it.

He spots a lady being dragged on a ship in Ganga watercourse. He jumps in and swims therefore quick that he may place dolphins to shame. The lady he simply saved identifies him by his name Odiyan Manikyan, a legend in Thenkurissi village in Palakkad district.

Manikyan is back in his town to settle past scores and what the lady aforesaid, forcing him to finish his voluntary exile, is forgotten till the film inches near climax.

And, whereas the village recognizes who he’s, the young chaps, who had not seen Manikyan’s “plays” in his prime, bullies him into a parley. Odiyan picks a target and guarantees to go away him panic-stricken for keeps within the cowl of the dark.

Staying faithful to the lore vein, the narration builds the Odiyan legend through the stories of individuals who have had the chance to expertise Manikyan’s “superhero” skills initial hand.

Manikyan’s Odiyan services are for rent to the best bidder. He wears costumes and scares folks within the cowl of night. He flourished at a time once electricity was nonetheless to achieve several elements of Kerala.

But his business takes a success once communism and street lights begin to realize ground in Thenkurissi. But, no worries, his side-hustles as a house facilitate at Prabha’s (Manju Warrier) home.

He spends most of his time here as he’s infatuated with Prabha. However he ne’er acknowledges his feelings for her. Is it thanks to the caste distinction between them? No, the film doesn’t get right down to the meat. Harikrishnan has written a yawn-inducing monologue to elucidate why.

Manikyans side-hustle as a house facilitate additionally includes keeping off man. Nair’s (Prakash Raj) overtures to the Padma. Mr.Nair’s dark skin is usually used as a figure to criticize his dark heart. Isn’t that a touch, uh, racist?

In the gap minutes of the film, once Mohanlal’s Manikyan makes the entry, your heart fills excitedly to find out regarding his Odiyan’s powers, that was, as a matter of truth, the point of the picture. Instead, you get a Mohanlal WHO seems to possess dressed up for a fancy-dress competition at his college for overage men.

The thought behind depiction the talents of Odiyan may be a large disappointed. It, perhaps, should do with the filmmakers’ intention to whitewash the hero hailing from a family that practices black art.

The pre-climax action scene brings the much-needed energy to the screen that was missing from the start of the picture. Within the sequence, Manikyan takes the shape of an assassin. His costume suddenly assumes some that means and seriousness.

The lackluster pace of the picture drags down even the performances of seasoned actors like Prakash rule and Manju Warrier. Mohanlal, a lot of or less, appearance lost within the film.

It seems like he was therefore occupied by his weight loss accomplishment that he didn’t notice that the film isn’t permitting the actor in him to perform.

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