Today released Mohanlal’s big-budget new movie Odiyan is uploaded illegally on Tamil MV, a pirated move hosting website. The movie had appeared on the website at 3 pm today. The movie had released today, a special show was conducted for the fan association at 5 am in the early morning.

Today BJP has called for a “Harthal” all over Kerala, connected with the suicide of an Ayyappa devotee in front of secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram. But harthal never had affected the movie release, the first show itself was houseful.

Mohanlal’s fan association organized transportation from bus stand to nearest theater, where this movie plays.  

 The movie not at all disappointed the Lal’s fans who have been waited for long to watch it. In the hartal day, the fans came to the theaters in the early morning on private vehicles. It’s the first time a movie playing all shows on a harthal day.

Photo credits: onlookersmedia

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