The central government allotted Rs.3048 cores from the NDRF fund to the Kerala state for the re-development process after the state had natural calamity. This is the largest fund had ever allotted from the central government to Kerala state in the history.

Central had been issued Rs.600 cores at the first stage of rehabilitation. A meeting has organized by the central home ministry under the presiding of Rajnath Singh and it decided to allot the required fund to the state.

This time central had broken the precedence and allotted 90% the fund what the state asked for. So far the central could issue 25- 35 % of state requirement from the NRDF fund and first time Modi government had made the allotment up to 90%.    

Central home minister Rajnath Singh had visited Kerala during the flood season and committed Rs.600 cores for the Kerala redevelopment. Central minister Kiren Rijiju had offered Rs.100 for an immediate rescue.  

The central had also allotted Rs.539.6 core for Andhra Pradesh and Rs.131.16 core for Nagaland from NDRF fund.

Photo credits: The Financial Express

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